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Transgender and gender nonconforming people are speaking out and sharing their stories. It’s time to amplify and share these voices. Read and share stories below.

Read Pat's Story
Pat’s Fight Against Labels and to Feel Whole Pat • Long Beach “I guess what I would want people to know is, since beginning this transition, I feel whole.” READ MORE
Read Dana's Story
Leading with Dignity Dana • Fullerton “I am no different from any other person in the world and what we seek is security, inclusion...and to love and to love others. And that should not be denied to any human being.” READ MORE
Read Dexter's Story
Dexter Shares How He Embraced His Identity Dexter • Deanza “I probably wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t have that opportunity so I’m very grateful.” READ MORE
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Attorney General Becerra Petitions Court to Join Case Defending the Rights of Transgender Individuals Serving in the Military…

About 6 years ago

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